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Bean of Valvestino

The agricultural land where La Casa del Castagneto lies is situated at the beginning of the Val Vestino, a valley that preserves, among unspoilt nature and history, a precious indigenous product at risk of disappearing: Il Fagiolo della Val Vestino.

This type of bean is native to Central America and was introduced in the seventeenth century in our valley, where the particular microclimate allowed to autoselect naturally with time a unique and peculiar variety that grows only here and has never been hybridized with any other type of legume.

It is characterized by large, reniform, rosy brown marbled, sometimes white or black seeds and its characteristic food properties which would be more easily digested compared to Phaseolus vulgaris.

In the kitchen it turns out to be a true prince for consistency, presentation possibilities and various methods of use, always giving way to see its nutritional and organoleptic qualities enhanced, characterized by an intense, prolonged taste and rich in ancestral perfumes.

Very suitable for rural cooking in soup or with the addition of pasta to remember the rich history of its territory, it lends itself very well to today's culinary interpretation, reinventing itself at the base of tasty sauces, various side dishes for meat or lake fish without setting limits to the imagination.

We offer it in packs starting from 200gr. or according to requests.

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The saffron in the mountains

Saffron belongs to the history of the ancient and modern world, it is by its nature a biological cultivation because to obtain quality products one can not rely on chemical products or agricultural mechanization.

The cultivation of saffron is also suitable for the large and steep mountain plots like ours, where we started the whole crop cycle, gathering and producing stigmas.

We propose the saffron in stigmas packaged in a jar or glass tube starting from 0.125gr.

in open field
and aromatic

Thanks to the microclimate of Lake Garda, the vegetables and aromatic plants bear well the height of the Navazzo area and allow you to have seasonal vegetables and fresh aromas (or subsequently dried) throughout the summer and autumn.

We only use manure and wood ash as natural fertilizers and above all, a lot of manual labor.

In addition to our consumption and that of the guests of Casa del Castagneto, who are given the opportunity if they want to help us concretely in the care and collection, with our vegetables we respond to requests for GAS (Solidarity Purchasing Groups) and customers in the area of the Lake and Milan city.


Inside our fund there is a chestnut wood, from which derives the name of our country house, with centuries-old trees, cared for and constantly maintained that allows in the autumn period to fully enjoy our chestnuts.


We have just started with the planting of some fruit trees whose production will start in a few years.

We are at an advanced stage of planning a small cultivation of a characteristic corn of the area and a cultivation of lavender officinalis in conjunction with the ornamental one present today.




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