Chestnut's trees

At the beginning of the 900 in the property, known as Sostaga, were several activities: cultivation and production of wine and oil, animal husbandry, forestry and mountain crops.

Later it was intended only ground for the hunting of the owner's family members being cease all agricultural activities.

We started to take care of this fund for two years recovering the land from brambles and weeds, freeing the chestnut and walnut trees from parasitic ivy, hosting some horses and donkeys and beginning of new cultures such as saffron.

We wish to share this nature and outdoor activities with all the guests who wish to join us in the seasonal activities of chestnut picking or saffron or wood, with the opportunity to bring home a tribute.

Vive nel sole e
si addormenta nella
quiete della notte ...

(Kahil Gibran)


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